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Mum + Okonomiyaki = Love
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Well, I guess it’s breakfast time.
Stunning Zucchini Flower.
Hey @drinkstube ! My #CocktailRequest is for a fragrant drink using Lavender ! How to blend that beautifully, that is the question…
Great glass(es) of wine with the beautiful @vagabrothers !!!
This is the vegetarian twist of the french steak tartare ! Check out my last videos friends :)
New video !!! Steak tartare : classic meaty version + Vegetarian twist ! Which one will You choose ? Kiss

French Steak Tartare : Classic version + Vegetarian twist !

This is not what you think it is, but whatever this may be it s still coming up tomorrow. Hint : I juste ate it and it was gorgeous. Strange hint I know.
2001 : A space odyssey
This is also #Paris
Coming up soon. I had to stop filming to tuck in. So delicious. One of my favorite simple french dish ever. Love xx
In the last video , I sharpened my spatula and I liked  it ! ( no offense )